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5 fundamental Questions to ask When planning an Event

Question #1: What Do you want to achieve ?

* make money? raise money?
* have fun?
* to help people discover something new, learn about what you are doing, ask people to help you in anyway
* to raise your status, reputation and fame

Once you know what you want to achieve, you can decide on how feasible it is.

Question #2: What are your goals?
You should clearly write down the goals you want to achieve:

* Number of attendees: 200 attendees.
* Expected result: Sell 100 albums; make $5000; connect to 3 key industry players and follow up; recruit 12 volunteers, etc.
* Media coverage: have 5 local medias to cover the event and write articles

Question #3: How do you position your event?
It’s about the special event promotions design:

* Event name: find a catchy event name that says what the event is about.
* Attendees profiles and main speakers: the way you define your target audience will influence the choice of speakers or performers. Invite performers with large following
* Inject some fun in your event planning. All events should be fun.

Become known for something that draws people that will be your positioning.

Question #4: How will you promote your event?

Event marketing is all about grassroots marketing and promotion. You should go out in person or by email to talk to and befriend:

* people who influence your target audience (newspaper, magazine, websites, blog, online community, association, analysts, proclaimed and self proclaimed gurus, etc.)
* people who already provide services or goods to your target audience, but are not your competitor (owner of venues where your target audience spend time (include online groups and communities); companies who are providers to your target audience, etc.)
* Events promoter who already promote events to your target audience

These people could really help you out. The magic duo for event marketing and advertise events are: Posters and word of mouth.

Question # 5: How do you want people to feel during and after the event?

* design some surprise into your event: think about something that will be memorable and pleasant
* make people laugh and have fun, even it it’s B2B event
* Trow in some fun contests, and icebreakers
* Care about the food. The food should be good, or at least enough to eat for all attendees.
* Ask people how they feel, you receive invaluable feedback
* Keep communicating during the event and after the event. You are not in for a one shot.

A good planning is a good start in the long life of an event execution.

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Another success Story …

Here is a fascinating story about how 15 retail clothing boutiques in Berlin masterfully organized and hosted in their boutique their own fashion show and boots summer 2010 sales by 700%.

In December 2009, Anna G., a retail clothing boutique owner in Berlin, had a flash in her mind: host her own boutique fashion show with amateur models as new way to promote the shop and boost sales. For Anna, that is a killer idea, and she went her way to act on it.

While elaborating on the idea, she wondered why not to involve other boutiques owners, and ask for their help to spread the word out about her event. In a very surprising twist, Anna project became the project of 15 boutiques owners who will host by turns a fashion show in their boutique, but the members of the network will help each other in planning and promoting the event through Retail trade show.

The shows started in April 2010, and from April to July 2010, a weekly show was held, on Saturdays, in one of the boutique of the network.

During the previous days before a show, all 15 members of the network will be promoting the next fashion trade shows to their clients, friends by handing out flyers, talking to boutique’s visitors, sending emails, updating their website, and Facebook profile with the event information.

The first trade show was held on April 2 in a boutique with a mix of spring collection and preview of summer collection. The 12 models who were showcasing were recruited among customers, friends and through friends’ network; and they were doing it for free and for fun. For a boutique of roughly 120 square meters, the first show drew more than 700 people during the day. At the peak of the Networking Events, a long queue was standing outside the boutique making it a hot spot in the whole area.

A contest and a game were parts of the international trade show. All invited person received a 10 Euros discount code, and all attendees received a scratch coupon with discount marks from 10 to 100 Euros gift certificate. Additionally a big check of $200 gift certificate was hidden inside in one of the hundreds of pieces of clothing in the store. It was for the first person to find it.

The boutique held all a Pre-show sales exclusive to the first 100 attendees, and a Post-show sales featuring items claimed to be exclusive for the show.

With upbeat music, frenzy atmosphere, amateur models, and a smart sales speaker, the 15 events hosted in the 15 boutiques, brought in for each boutique show from 8.000 to 21.000 Euros in sales, against an average day sales for a boutique in the network is 600 to 3000 Euros. This is more than 700% sales boost.

The Boutiques network has been expanded since the successful summer business trade shows. New members have joined, and a cross promotion scheme has been implemented between members. Anna has been featured in several local newspapers, magazines, and television talking about the network and the events. The network received an award from the local Retail Clothing Association and another award from the local chapter of Berlin Chambers of commerce.

GoodBuzz program has helped Anna and the 15 Berlin Boutiques to smoothly plan and coordinate their Fashion show promotion. In fact, the big promotion with hundreds or thousands of visitors is actually a conglomerate of smaller promotions done by a myriad of partners pooling their promotional resources for the success of the big event.

Join, and the program could help you promote your event fast, save time and experience less stress with your event promotion.
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The Only One thing You need to know about Event promotion

Event promotion is difficult, very stressful, time consuming, may cost a bunch of money, and ends up with poor results. There is, however, a secret that may help, and that secret is the one thing you need to succeed as event promoter: networking, networking and networking.

You cannot succeed alone in this game. online business networking is the key. When you see on Tv or you attend an event that draw hundreds or thousands of people, you just wonder how they did that; how on earth you cannot attract 50 people to your event, and these guys are sold out for thousands people event!

Success in this game comes from having strategic alliances with the right people.

Smart event promoter team up, and collaborate with many other event organizer and trade show exhibitor, and they get know the influentials in their field and town. They create alliances, trust network, and peer referral networks. It’s in this way that it works. The big promotion with hundred or thousands of visitors is actually a conglomerate of smaller promotions done by a myriad of partners pooling their promotional resources for the success of the big event.

The big river comes from hundreds of tributaries.

If you have no friends, no contacts, no following, it’ll be damn hard to succeed in Event Marketing and Promotions. Don’t fool yourself, you can’t rely only on advertising to promote your event. Anyway, Advertising doesn’t work very well for events, as they don’t work very well for restaurants. Word of mouth and peer recommendation are the key drivers.

In my estimation, you should have at least 15 partners or peers, who know you and trust you, and who on request would mobilize their promotional resources for your events success. Don’t worry if you have not contacts yet, you can jump start today and build up a profitable peer referral network in less than 3 months. See my previous article on How to build an Event Promoters Network?

The main take form this article is this: you should go out in person or by email to talk to and befriend people who:

* influence your target audience (newspaper, magazine, websites, blog, online community, association, analysts, proclaimed and self proclaimed gurus, etc.)

* already provide services or goods to your target audience, but are not your competitor (owner of venues where your target audience spend time; companies who are providers to your target audience, etc.)

* promote already events to your target audience

Talk to these people and befriend them. Not one or two, but tens of them. Have a plan to build strategic alliance, special events marketing, explain how the peer referral network will work out for all participants, and above all tell them some success stories you can find out on

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Why people flock to this dumb event but never heard about yours?

There is something interesting about event attendance that most event promoters ignore at their own peril. This cruel reality is that people don’t care about your great event unless they know or find someone who is attending your event, or your event has been recommended to them by a person they know and trust.

Trying to convince an individual to come to your event is like asking them to show off at an event where they don’t know any person in the crowd.
When I was writing this post I received the email below from a friend to whom I’ve written earlier in the day to check if he is attending at the end of the week a monthly networking event we are used to go together. Please, Read it for yourself:

Hello Mawuna,

I am doing good, working in a big report of Baltic Ebanking analysis, which I will present at its keeping me crazy busy. The internations meeting is exactly in same day as conference in Riga so I wont be able to attend but there will be my friends attending.

One of them (Egle) for 1st time. Can i ask you a favor and pre-meet her to go together to the meeting to make her more comfortable.

Lets meet next week when we can! During weekend im in Berlin!
take care!

You should stop trying to convince individual to come to your event. Event attendance is a gregarious decision: more people will attend your event if more people they know are already willing to attend or heard about it.

Knowing this reality you should shape all your event marketing and promotions tactics on securing in the early days of your event promotion about 15% of the number of attendees you wish for your event. Once you reach this number, study carefully the profile of the early birds and seek how you can make the event go viral trough their circle of influence.

In order to get your early birds, give away some free tickets to:

* The magazines, blogs, websites that your target audience read
* Influencers of your target audience
* Event organizers (trade show, conference, exposition) whose events your target audience is used to attend
* Venues owners where your target audience spend time
* Service providers to your target audience

Make your free tickets claim time-sensitive. Incentives work best when there is a CLEAR EXPIRATION DATE. Make it clear that the offer won’t last or your prospective customer will lose out if they don’t immediately RSVP or accept your offer.

Grassroots marketing is the key to your events success. At, we know how to help events organizers reach people who know people who will be interested to attend their event, and ask them referrals. Goodbuzz is a community. Join us today.

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How to build an Event Promoters Network? is a peer referral network for event organizers and promoters that help you promote your event fast, and without the usual stress. More meaningfully, it helps you find people who know people who will be interested to attend your event, so you can ask them referrals. Once they have accepted your referral request, they will recommend your events to their contacts, and for free. It’s a free peer referral network.

But what happen if you are a start-up or new in the business?

You may not know so many people to ask for referrals. You will difficulties finding people who will cheerfully recommend your events, because referral network are trusted network: people know each other quite well, and trust each other, and are willing to cross promote their peers businesses.

Here are few tactics to help you jump start with success:

1. Make a list of event promoters, organizers and special event promotions which products or services may be complementary to yours. Call or write to these people asking them to join a referral network, because you are willing to send them your customers if they have events that will interest them.

2. Reach out to event promoters, or any organizations whose contacts may be interested in the type of events you organize. Present them your company or band profile, and tell them the reasons why your events will be interesting to their contacts, clients, friends or customers.

3. Search for existing networks on, and send request to join. If you are lucky, there maybe a place for you. Most of networks are local, some are regional, few have a global call. Pick the ones that will serve the best your business interests.

4. Subscribe to a full membership plan to be able to browse and connect directly to other members. The more people you could recruit to spread the word about your event, the more attendees you will get.

5. Post special deals or early bird offers on the Deals page. The more you leverage the temptation to buy on impulse, the more likely you are to have a successful campaign. Make your offer irresistible and give people a powerful incentive to “act now.” Creating irresistible offers is the best way to generate leads and succeed. GoodBuzz offers you the ability to create deals and activate them through the promotional power of your peer network. Exclusive offers allow you to track which peers are promoting your campaign the best.

6. Post your referral requests and network event on the Requests page. It may catch the attention and interest of other members or passers. Never underestimate the power of serendipity.

7. Not all your contacts, and people who will gladly lend you a helpful hand are on program helps you send referral request to people outside of the network, and still they can use the program to send your referrals and you can see on your dashboard the record of their actions, and the raw leads they’ve sent to you.

8. Finally, help other events organizers and promoters succeed their campaign. When you can’t recommend an event, introduce the organizer or promoter to people you knows who can help out.

Tip: To improve your campaign acceptance rate, try to find people who have activities similar to yours and build your network first. For example: If you are a concert promoter, look for concert promoters in your city. A strong network = easy referrals!

Event promotion and trade show organizers is not picnic. Referrals are vital for your event success. You should give full attention to your referrals generation network. Start building your profitable referral network today on

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